While this section is still under construction, here are some entertainment-related links that you may find interesting. Currently, they are in no specific order. Some may require the Adobe Acrobat Plug-in or Macromedia Flash Player, which if you don't have, you can get by clicking on the images below.

The links shown below are not intended as an endorsement of the products, manufacturers, services or resources contained therein. They are published strictly as an informational source.


Tulsa Performing Arts Center
This is where we do a lot of our work and where three of our members hold house staff positions. We also think it's a great example of a beautifully equipped theater and a nice place to work.

Tulsa Opera
Widely regarded as one of the finest opera companies in the U.S. Need we say more?

Tulsa Ballet
Tulsa Ballet was founded in 1956 by husband and wife, Roman Jasinski and Moscelyne
Larkin, formerly of the Ballet Russe.

United States Institute for Theater Technology.

Live Design
The online version of the magazine covering all aspects of theaterical design and fabrication.

What's a Limelight?
No doubt you've heard the saying: "...in the limelight." Check out this short article by John H. Lienhard. The limelight actually preceded the carbon arc and was the early predecessor to the modern follow spotlight.

Martin Hart's American Widecsreen Museum
A great resource for information on past motion picture widescreen processes such as CinemaScope, VistaVision, etc.

Film-Tech Home Page
Information on motion picture projection systems, lamphouses, platter systems and theatrical sound. Also has a great PDF document library.

Yamaha Professional Audio
Manufacturer of audio consoles and a myriad of sound-related products used in theater, television and motion pictures. Yamaha is the OEM for the versatile PM5D digital sound console, which is installed in the PAC's Williams Theater.

Strong International
For us "old-time" stagehands, we still think of them as Strong Electric. While their current spotlight line will never compare to their now obsolete carbon arc Strong Super Trouper, they still manufacture the spotlights that are most often found in entertainment venues. Four of their Gladiator II's are used in the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and the new BOK Arena utilizes eight of the Gladiator III's and 4 Xenon Super's.

Tom Baldwin's Stage Lighting Tech Pages
A good Internet starting point for a variety of stage lighting-related links. While it's geared to the European lighting professional, there is still a wealth of information therein.

Rosco Labs and Lee Filters
Ever wonder how we make colored light or put those pretty patterns on the stage? These two companies supply the vast majority of color filters and patterns (we call 'em gobo's) used in entertainment.

ETC (Electronic Theater Controls)
These guys make probably the finest theatrical lighting instruments in the world. You can witness their versatility and quality in all theater spaces at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. And as of November 2011, all our spaces in the Tulsa Performing Arts Center use ETC boards for lighting control.

Altman Stage Lighting Company
Another big manufacturer of theatrical lighting equipment and systems.

Tools for Stagecraft
A lot of us in theater use some weird and unique tools. Many can be found here.

These folks make the intercom systems that we use in entertainment.

Cinema Treasures.org

A great website with mountains of information about the movie palaces of old and theaters past and present.

Chauvet Lighting

"LEDs" or Light Emitting Diodes have been around for a long time but in the past few years, the technology has grown exponentially both in types produced and application. They are now found on an ever-increasing basis in entertainment lighting and Chauvet is one, among many, of the manufacturers that produce LED fixtures.