PAC Spotlight Class

On January 14, the Local 354 Apprentice Committee conducted a spotlight operators class at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. The class exposed the participants to the operation of spotlights in a proscenium theater and allowed each individual a chance to operate a Strong Gladiator II in a simulated theatrical show setting. During the latter portion of the classes, operators had a chance to try their skills on professional dancers, who actually danced on-stage. Ben Johnson acted as a stage manager and called actual spotlight cues, which closely paralleled an actual stage show.

Thanks to Tulsa Ballet for providing us the company of dancers and to the Apprentice Committee members and journeymen, who assisted in the class!


Tom Poss conducts the lecture portion of the class.


A view from the rear of the balcony, looking at the stage with the "dummies" being lit by the class


One of the stationary dummies, lit with open white.


Class participants in "Skylab." From the left is Phil Knapp, Emerson Parker, Tracy Lawson, Fred
Rhodes, Trevor Acton (operating the second lamp) and Steve Patterson.

Looking over Fred Rhode's shoulder to Lamp #2. That's Trevor Acton at the controls.


Mark Facci on Lamp #1 with Debbie Garrison and Chris King awaiting their turns.

Emerson Parker and Tracy Lawson with instructor Phil Knapp overseeing the events.

A view of the stage from the Skylab window with Lamp #1 picking up his lead.

Tracy Lawson, Fred Rhodes, Phil Knapp and instructor Ben Johnson. During the class, Ben
acted as the stage manager, calling warnings, standby's and go's.

A view of where the light ends up, looking from stage right.

Two of Tulsa Ballet's six attending dancers. Their participation helped add a valuable degree of
show realism to the class setting.

Looking from stage left at the spotlight positions in Skylab.


Nutcracker 2011 Crew Picture

Front Row (L-R): Jeff Cook, Daniel Miller and directly across Kerry Grisham, John Raney and Loreen Domijan. Second Row: C. J. Marshall, Joe Robinson, Shawn Williams, Jim Campbell, Terry Abell, Joe James, Trevor Acton, Doug Mckisick, Phil Freese, Tray Caldwell, Joel Genung and Scott McLarty Third Row (moving up staircase) Ben Johnson, Alyn Alsobrook, Gary Griffith, Tim Blaylock, Rob Clark,and on Top: David Weygandt and Mike Terry.