Local 354's Constitution and By-laws specifies that our local's operation shall be overseen by nine elected officers: a Business Representative, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms and three Board of Trustees members. Positions are open to journeymen only and appointment is by nomination and simple majority election via secret ballot every third year. In addition, the Business Representative may appoint an Assistant Business Representative and/or PAC Call Steward to assist in the handling of calls and work assignments.

Briefly stated, the officer positions function as follows:

  • Business Representative - handles the day-to-day business activities of the local and places qualified workers on calls. As required, also closely coordinates those activities with the the Assistant Business Representative and the Performing Art Center (PAC) Call Steward. Serves as Local 354's representative at the International conventions.
  • President - Conducts and presides over all monthly and special meetings.
  • Secretary - Records the minutes of all meetings, files required reports with the International office, handles the local's correspondence and issues all membership cards.
  • Treasurer - Maintains the local's financial records and pays all obligations, receives membership dues, fees and other income and deposits them with the appropriate financial institution and files all local, state, and federal financial reports.
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Verifies eligibility of those attending union meetings and maintains order in correlation with Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Board of Trustees - Functions as a financial oversight committee and performs periodic audit of the locals financial records

In addition and at the discretion of the President, Special Committees shall be convened to address specific needs of Local 354. Current active committees include the Negotiating and Apprenticeship Committees.